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Upcoming Conferences

September 27, 2023

Fall conference season is upon us and I’ll speaking at a bunch over the next few months. If you are going to be in or around any of these conferences please reach out on Mastodon or LinkedIn (see links below) so we can catch up. I’ll be giving talks on Web Components and workshops on how to use Enhance to build web applications.

Web Unleashed

Web Unleashed is probably the closest I can get to a local conference as it is only a quick train ride away for me. I’ve always enjoyed this conference as Shawn and his team do a great job of attracting top level talent. I mean who wouldn’t want to attend a conference with Lea Verou, Jason Lengstorf, Wes Bos, Chris Coyier, etc.

When: October 14-17

Where: Toronto, 🇨🇦

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Web Directions Summit

On the other hand Web Directions Summit is the farthest from home I can possible get without leaving the planet. This will be my first time in Australia and I’m pretty excited to visit some old friends I haven’t seen in awhile as well as attending the conference. I can’t wait to get a front row seat for Alex Russell’s talk Frontend’s Lost Decade & The Market for Lemons.

When: October 26-27

Where: Sydney, 🇦🇺

For tickets:

  • Use friend100: take $100 off the early bird price for Summit (Oct 26+27) Silver, Classic and Streaming tickets
  • Use friend200: take $200 off a SummitGold ticket which also incudes Code Leaders (Oct 25) + Summit (Oct 26+27).

Wey Wey Web

Wey Wey Web is a conference I wanted to get to in 2022 but was unable to due to family commitments. I’m glad the conference moved from December to November this year so I could take part in what looks like a great event.

When: November 23-24

Where: Málaga, 🇪🇸