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Introducing JS Naked Day

April 12, 2024

Earlier this week the web celebrated CSS Naked Day on April 9th. It is a day in which websites remove their CSS to show off the wonders of semantic HTML. The topic became quite popular on the fediverse leading Zach Leatherman to suggest a JS Naked Day.


Then Ryan McNeely suggested we hold JS Naked Day on April 13th in honour of the HTTP error code 413 - Content Too Large.


Not to be out punned I suggested April 24th for the HTTP error code 424 - Failed Dependency because your website shouldn’t completely fail if JavaScript is disabled.


That suggestion seemed to gain consensus and had the added benefit of adding a few more days between CSS Naked Day and JS Naked Day.

So please join us in celebrating JS Naked Day on April 24th either by removing all JavaScript on your site for that day or try surfing the web with JavaScript disabled. Add your participating site to js-naked-day.org by sending a pull request and tag your posts with #JSNakedDay.